A little bit more

PocoMore makes it possible for everyone to get the AR experience directly in your smart phone. We build interactive holograms based on your product and message. With a unique combination of communication and technology we make it possible to meet your customers through an extraordinary experience.


PocoMore is an app for Android and Iphone that can scan predefined objects, ads, folders and other surfaces and adds funcationality such as holograms, layers, interaction and customization.

Follow these steps to try it on your device:

1. Download PocoMore from Google Play or App Store by clicking the links.
2. Print the pictures below.
3. Open the app and point the camera towards the print out.
4. Enjoy!
5. You can also scan the screen of your computer.

Business card IMRSV
View animated presentation

 Trigger image SKF
View of product

Folder for Ensto Blas proof cabinet
View box and explode view

Folder Ensto Vulcano
Explode view of product

Extending your Product folders

Take your boring old product folder to the next level. With PocoMore (or a similar app branded just for you) we can add elements to your folder – in 3d. We normally call them holograms. Imagine looking at your product in life size hovering right there over your folder.

No need for expensive square feet at fairs

We can create a whole new virtual experience on your next fair. give us a white space and we will fill it with all your products and create an experience few will forget.

Take your message to the streets

Commuting can be boring and a waste of time. But for us it is a brilliant time to engage in some interactive experiences. Combine your ads in magazines or posters with interactive holograms. Extend awareness and observations.

AH!  OH!   WOW!   AHA!  

Use PocoMore to visualize information, tell your customer how a product works and to make sure that your brand communicates innovation and technical expertise.